“So why the hell are you doing this?” 


That is a great question

One that honestly I do not have an answer to yet. Truth be told I am coming from a very technical background and am falling out of love with math an science. When taking stock of what is around me, I was forced to realize what resonates with me and pushes me forward. And that, my dear About Page Reader, is content. It sounds weird to write and even more pretentious to say, but at this point, what word better describes the deluge of, well, stuff, buzzing around and calling for our attention. I’m talking TV shows, both from established cable and the new streaming frontier. Movies, original critical darlings that call my own reality into question and big-budget blockbusters that glisten with pyrotechnics. Video Games, podcasts, literature, the list goes on and on. What I have realized is that from a very young age, I have had an addition to all things media. I grew up breathing all of these mediums, and revel in discussing them with anyone that will listen. Which brings me to you. Why are you here? Why have you read this page all the way down to here? Are you just checking out the platform? Marveling at the wonders that the great people of Squarespace have made possible? I think it would be safe to assume that you share a similar feeling. As someone who is coming at this with a fan’s perspective and heart, I can bring you the most heartfelt reviews, while giving the best grammatical structure that American Public Education can forge. At a time when there is too much content to even keep track of, I will promise to bring the absolute best to convince the everyone at the office tomorrow that you are cultured.


Oh, you actually want to know about me? Well,

A little about me to give some context

  • I went to school for engineering

  • I have a physical disability that forced me to stay inside a lot of the time

  • This website is my attempt to learn more about the media arenas that I consequently love so much

  • You may disagree with my opinion, but how can one grow without disagreements? Always feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!