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In a world where we increasingly have unlimited amounts of content at our fingertips, how is anyone expected to have any sort of idea what is worth their time? When you have cable TV, premium outlets, streaming services, video games, podcasts, music, shorts and an endless amount of entertainment at your fingertips, how are you supposed to find out what is essential and what is not?

Look no further.


So let’s say you love this movie, or you think your favorite TV show is super neat, or you saw this documentary that made you realize that your life is a lie and that you can’t eat chicken anymore. You stumble in to my review section because you don’t have any kind of grace and my review of it isn’t there. First of all, my digitally drunken friend, thank you for checking it out, and secondly, let me know about it. Send me an email on the Contact page, or just shoot me a link down below. Don’t be stingy with your cool stuff, it’s unbecoming.